Facilities Use

Gower District 62 facilities are a community resource owned and operated by the Board of Education primarily for the education of the children in the District. The Board will consider providing the community with space for educational, civic, cultural, recreational, or charitable or other meetings and programs when such requests do not interfere with the school program or school-sponsored activities. The Board, however, may refuse to allow use of its facilities for any meetings, programs, or activities that may be disruptive, violative of the rights of privacy of others, obscene, vulgar, or indecent. In all cases, the use of District facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses.
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The District facilities will be made available six months prior to the onset of the activity or event on a first-come, first-served basis within the prioritized category of users listed below.


Step 1: Please view the calendar below to check our availability.

Step 2: Review the Facilities Use Priority and Fee Schedule to determine any cost(s) for your proposed event.

Step 3: Contact the appropriate School Office to reserve the appropriate space and time:

  • Call 630986-5383
    • Select Option 1 to reach Gower West and select ‘Main Office’
    • Select Option 2 to reach Gower Middle and select ‘Main Office’

Step 4: Download the Application for Use of Facilities, complete both pages of the document, and submit accordingly.

Step 5: Await final approval for your proposed event​.


Priority 1: District-Related Organizations

Any group affiliated with the District whose sole purpose is to support District programs, such as the PTO or Gower Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Priority 2: District-Related Youth Organizations and Government Agencies

a. Groups whose membership is made up of at least 90% District 62 students, such as Girl Scouts, Brownies, Boy Scouts, etc., and
b. Local government agencies, such as Park Districts, police/fire departments, DuPage Election Commission, and other District taxpayer supported entities.

Priority 3: Community Youth Organizations

· Little League and traveling youth sports teams whose participants include at least 50% Gower residents
· Youth organizations whose membership includes at least 50% Gower residents

Priority 4: Community, Civic, Service, and Social Organizations/Community Youth Organizations/Religious Organizations

· Organizations and groups that serve the Gower community, such as Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Rotary Club, religious organizations, homeowner associations, etc. or whose membership includes at least 25% Gower residents.
· Youth organizations described in Priority 3 but whose membership does not satisfy the requirements stated in Priority 3.

Priority 5: Other Groups

​Any ​other ​f​or-profit organization, business group, companies, etc.

Facilities Use Documents