Financial Information

In accordance with the law, Annual Financial Reports listed have been added to the District’s website as required by Sections 10-17, 10-20-44, 10-20.46, and 10-20.47 of the Illinois School Code. Reports listed have also been presented at a regular meeting to the Board of Education and submitted to the office of the DuPage County Regional Superintendent of Schools as required. Please contact our Chief School Business Official, Mr. Brian Riegler at 630-286-4926, or via email at briegler@gower62.com regarding any questions or to receive more general information.


Invitation to Bid, and Requests for Information, Proposals, and/or Information will be listed below when managed locally. Projects and bids managed by our our architect partners will be listed by Green Associates on their website: https://www.greenassociates.com/bidding