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Parents and Community Members are encouraged to provide their feedback to help guide the Board of Education’s facility plan!!!

As part of our 2019-2020 Bring Your Parent to School Day program we are asking our parents to give us some feedback about our school campuses and provide their input as we continue to develop a plan to meet our facility needs. Gower School District has been proactive in updating our school buildings as funds are allocated each year.  As part of our ongoing efforts, a Facilities Assessment and Review was carried out in 2018 to determine the various needs of our building systems (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Lighting, etc.). As those projects continue to be carried out and scheduled, we are sure to keep a watchful eye on how we can improve each of our school campuses.  An important part of this process is to get a better understanding of what our community thinks of our school buildings as they stand today and what they would like to see addressed in addition to the necessary upgrades and repairs tomorrow. Please select from the links below to give us your feedback and help us ‘think big’ and prioritize ‘what’s next’ for our school campuses.


Gower West Campus Facility and Project Survey


Gower Middle Campus Facility and Project Survey

District Facilities: Overview

Board Policy 4:150 – Facility Management and Expansion Programs directs the Board of Education to ensure: 1) The priority in the development of facilities is based on identified educational needs and on programs developed to meet these needs and; 2) When making decisions pertaining to design and construction of school facilities, the Board of Education will confer with members of the staff and community, the Illinois State Board of Education, and educational and architectural consultants, as it deems appropriate.

The goals for the District’s FacilitiesManagement and Expansion Programs are:

1. Integrate facilities planning with other aspects of planning and goal-setting;

2. Base educational specifications for school buildings on identifiable learner needs;

3. Design buildings for sufficient flexibility to permit new or modified programs;

4. Design buildings for maximum potential for community use;

5. To involve the community, local school staff, available experts, and the latest in related current developments and research in building plans and specifications as appropriate;

6. Meet requirements on the accessibility of school facilities to disabled persons as specified in Illinois and federal law; and

7. Provide for low maintenance costs and energy efficiency.


District Facilities: Specific Topics

Topic: Ethylene Oxide and Sterigenics Facility in Willowbrook

Use this link to review the complete archive of this issue as communicated through our District News page from August 2018 – September 2019


Topic: Testing for Lead in Potable Drinking Water

Use this link to review the complete report for Lead Testing in Drinking Water at Gower School District (Sept. 2017)