Campus Projects and Referendum


As our Campus Project and Referendum work continues, updated photos will be posted in our Gower West Construction Photos Folder which can be accessed by using this link. Be sure to check out our progress! 

                    Click here for the entire Continuing to Invest in Gower presentation

Background: As reported at the Sept. 24, 2019 Board Meeting as part of the Superintendent’s Report, district administrators and the Board of Education have “initiated the process to meet long-term facility needs against existing and available forms of funding.” Part of that work included a full review of our campus and facility needs, beginning in 2018, which resulted in ~$4,000,000 in recommended repairs/replacements over the next 5 years and ~$7,000,000 when considering projected facility needs in years 6-10.  An updated District Capital Improvement Report was provided to the Board of Education as part of the Superintendent’s Report at the Feb. 2018, 2020 Board Meeting that included a recommendation to post a referendum question to the Gower Community to address the list of repairs needed as well as Capital Improvement projects at both of our school campuses. Subsequently, the referendum passed. The following list of items and reports provide much greater detail throughout the various phases of this project: