Board of Education

Gower School District 62 is governed by a Board of Education consisting of 7 members. The Board’s powers and duties include the broad authority to adopt and enforce all necessary policies for the management and government of the public schools. To learn more about School Boards, please visit the Illinois Association of School Boards at or review the material directly by using this link.


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The Gower 62 Board of Education, by resolution, took action on Sept. 21, 2021 to adopt the Board of Education Charter. The Board Charter was developed over a period of time beginning with the self-evaluation of the Board on June, 22, 2021 and in consultation with the Illinois Association of School Boards, and shall serve as a publicly shared guidance and effective governance document for the Board of Education to utilize.

The Gower School District 62 Board of Education Legacy to the Community, as set forth below, was developed by the Board of Education and shall be recognized as the expressed collective values, beliefs, and aspirations of the Board in relation, and in support of, the Board Charter, as established by resolution.


Gower School District 62 Board of Education Legacy to the Community

(Our values, culture, programs, relationships)

●  Student centered anchored by what’s best for kids.

●  Steady administrative team.

●  Strong administrators in new principal positions over time that facilitate a positive and effective school culture.

●  Collaboration-work together to leave Gower 62 even better than we found it.

●  Supported a school district that reflects a community which is an example of what American can be.

●  Monitor and enhance the district’s standard of excellence.

●  Continuing to foster and cultivate a strong sense of community among everyone who makes up Gower 62 (teachers, staff, parents, students) that thrive on a respect for diversity, growth and individuality that makes a complete community unit.

●  Well-organized (by 5-Essential standards).