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The Project Rise Team

Gower Cares and Project Rise Work Together to Provide To-Go Snack Bags for Spring Break

Gower Cares partnered with a Gower parent and his fellow members of the local masjid (mosque) located off of Route 83 in Willowbrook to pack snack bags for our students.  Through the generous donations of the Gower Foundation and Gower Student Council, the snacks and bags were purchased, and through the time and teamwork of the volunteers, we were able to pack about 60 bags for Gower students!  These volunteers are giving back to their local community they live in through the Project Rise initiative.  We appreciate the community support in helping our students and families in need!

If you are interested in helping the Gower Cares initiative, please consider donating new or used clothes (for children age 3-14) to our Gower Cares Closet or Target gift cards for personal hygiene supplies.  Donations are accepted in both school offices.  If you know of someone in need, please complete this Gower Cares Form (also on our webpage), and one of our Student Services Team Members will reach out.  Thank you for your continued support!