i3 Learning Initiative: Innovate. Integrate. Inspire.

Continuous improvement and looking for innovative ways to engage students and increase student learning are important goals of the administrative team and teachers. The Gower INNOVATE 62 Committee ​helped us move forward in achieving these goals by ​crafting​ a five-year vision for teaching and learning in Gower. The i3 Learning: Innovate, Integrate, and Inspire.

  • ​​will ​promote​ innovat​ion​ in the classroom
  • will integrate digital learning beyond the traditional classroom setting, and
  • ​will ​inspire​ students to create content ​and not simply consume ​it.

The ​is Learning Initiative will result in:​

  • More devices​ and ​ access for ​students to collaborate anywhere​,​ anytime ​ (Chromebooks in grades 3-8 and iPads in K-2)​
  • ​A ​single Learning Management System​ that ​adds ​consistency​ and creates more opportunities for collaboration​ across the District
  • ​Focused ​ Professional Development​ with an emphasis on utiliz​ing​ more student led strategies ​ and​ ​sharpening​ 21st Century skills
  • A shift in classroom instruction that will promote problem solving, small group collaboration​,​ and student-led learning opportunities that stretch beyond the traditional classroom setting