E-Learning Days

Our Board of Education took an important step in 2014 when they approved the Resolution to ensure that Gower was recognized as a Future Ready district.  The Board has continued to support the variety of programs put into place since that commitment was made and their recent action was no different.


On Dec. 18, 2018, the Board of Education approved the recommendation to utilize eLearning Days in place of what would otherwise be used as Emergency School (Closure). This is an exciting opportunity for Gower School District and was made possible by the collaboration between our staff, our administrative team and our parent representatives on the Board.  The full recommendation can be viewed by using the link below and more details about eLearning Days will be shared through our school newsletters and posted on the eLearning sites for Gower West and Gower Middle.


Gower West eLearning website

Gower Middle eLearning website


Click the following link to read the Board Report for the eLearning Day Recommendation:

eLearning Day Recommendation


Click the following link to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document

eLearning Days – FAQ