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Attendance Procedure

Parents we need your help, 2020 has not been a great start for the health of children at Gower West School.  We have had high numbers of absences in some of our classrooms, sometimes up to 30% of the students gone for multiple days!  High and reoccurring fevers and vomiting seem to be the most prevalent ailments. We have been sending several students home each day.  Our Building Attendants are deep cleaning and disinfecting the classrooms on a nightly basis, but we need your cooperation as well!  Please see the guidelines for student attendance, found on page 7 in the Parent Student Handbook, below.  The most important detail about these guidelines is that children should be fever free for 24 hours or should not have vomited in 24 hour prior to attending school. While we understand it can sometimes be inconvenient for parents to have to miss work or appointments to care for a sick child (I’ve been through it too!), we must adhere to the procedures below to assure the health of ALL students at Gower West.  Thank you for your attention and cooperation.