Gower District News

Gower Teachers and Board of Ed. Approve a New 3-Year Contract

Members of the Gower Educators Association, Gower Administration, and Gower Board of Education are pleased to report that a three-year Collective Bargaining Agreement has been approved by all parties and will be in effect from the start of the 2018-19 school year through the 2020-2021 school year.  The basic terms of the agreement consist of average pay increases of 2.94% for Teachers with less than 19 years of experience (individual increase ranges of 2.05% – 3.91%) and 2.75% pay increases for Teachers with 19+ years of experience over the three-year term.  Board President Ryan Asmus is pleased with the collaborative effort throughout the bargaining process and stated, “The Gower Teachers’ Union and the Board of Education developed a mutual understanding at the start. We agreed that we would work together to stay within our financial means as a school district while continuing to provide the high-quality and expanded programs that make Gower a destination district.  This agreement accomplishes that and is fair for all parties involved.”

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement can be found on the district website under the ‘district info’ tab, or by using this link.