Gower District News

“Erin’s Law” and the content of the Child Assault Prevention Program

“Erin’s Law”, mandates all public schools should implement a child sexual abuse prevention program to “empower kids to use their voice in the case that something happens to them.”  In response to the mandate, Gower School District 62 will instruct students in kindergarten, and grades 2 and 4 through the Child Assault Prevention Program.  Students in preschool and grades 1 and 3 will be instructed by Gower West staff.  Additionally, students in grades 5 through 8 will have an assembly or a classroom presentation to address Erin’s Law.

 Every school year, in the month of October, Gower will provide an informative presentation on this very important topic.  It will provide information on how you, as a parent, can enhance your child’s safety.